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My name is Dana Coey.

I’m a senior professional advisor with over 15 years’ legal, regulatory and risk management experience. I offer comprehensive advisory services to business and individuals across various industries, and am committed to providing pragmatic and effective advice and solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client.


About Me.

           Dana is a highly accomplished senior professional with an extensive career spanning over 15 years, during which she has excelled in advisory, regulatory, and transactional capacities, as well as in the assessment and management of legal, regulatory and investment risk, while effectively dealing with businesses on a global scale. Her expertise is underscored by a track record of collaboration with prominent global entities, including major investment banks and asset managers, where she has adeptly navigated intricate and multifaceted initiatives and issues. Dana is known for her pragmatic problem-solving approach, core analytical skills, strategic acumen, and exceptional managerial proficiency. Her ability to integrate legal acumen with a deep understanding of business dynamics and related investment, operational, reputational and market risk has been instrumental in delivering holistic and pragmatic solutions to her clients.

          Since 2014, Dana has been an integral member of the Investment Legal & Regulatory Team at Schroders. In her role, Dana has critical responsibilities that include the provision of strategic legal and regulatory advice, as well as the assessment and appropriate management of relevant risks, to Schroders asset and wealth management divisions and their respective end clients, as well as leadership of global regulatory initiatives. Dana further enhances the firm’s operational efficiency by delivering comprehensive advisory and risk analysis services that encompass legal, regulatory, and commercial issues and matters to the firm’s global Treasury teams. Dana actively participates in global public policy activities and serves as Schroders’s representative in prominent organizations including ISDA, EFAMA, ICMA and the UK Investment Association.


Professional Experience

2014 to date

Senior Legal Counsel
Investment & Regulatory Legal Team
Schroders Investment Management Limited


Leadership of projects and workstreams focused on:

The provision of regulatory, transactional and commercial advice – both internally and externally, i.e. to the firm’s end clients - in the context of the firm’s asset and wealth management arms and proposed or existing investment activity;
Provision of tailored regulatory and legal support in the context of the firm’s multi-billion Official Institutions client segment (often working directly with the underlying clients – notably including central banks, sovereign wealth funds, government bodies including ministries / agencies etc.,);
Provision of tailored regulatory analysis and legal support in the context of intended (foreign) investment in specific markets, notably including the Middle East (UAE including Dubai and Kuwait, KSA, Qatar), Asia and Europe (EU and ex-EU), as well as specific instruments (notably, equity and debt instruments and derivatives);
Analysis and implementation, in cooperation with relevant stakeholder groups where appropriate, of global regulatory requirements affecting the firm’s various lines of activity and its underlying funds and clients; active management, together with other senior stakeholders, of related regulatory, commercial and reputational risks. Relevant regulations / initiatives notably include EMIR (across the full spectrum of activities including risk mitigation, clearing, margining (VM and IM) etc.), Dodd-Frank (CFTC, Prudential Regulation and SEC focus), MiFID II / MiFIR, SFTR, CSDR, FINFRAG, etc., as well as equivalent regulations in other key jurisdictions globally;
Ensuring jurisdictional (regulatory and legal) alignment across the firm’s front-office, operational, legal and compliance functions, and advising on related projects and documentation;
Active participation in the firm’s public policy activities: representation of the firm within European and UK-focused industry organisations including ISDA, EFAMA, SIFMA, ICMA etc., as well as active participation in conferences, discussion fora, roundtables and working groups focusing in particular on key market developments, regulation / reforms and related strategic and legal requirements.

Core managerial responsibilities for junior team members sitting within the Regulatory side of the Investment & Regulatory Legal Team.  


09.2013 – 10.2014

Solicitor (E&W-qualified)
Capital Markets and Derivatives Team    
CMS Cameron McKenna LLP (London)


Involvement in a variety of regulatory, general advisory and transactional matters from an investment and derivatives perspective, notably including:
Management of high-profile regulatory initiatives for a key global investment bank, working with the client’s teams in the UK and US; management of several hundred ongoing documentation negotiations;
Management of an extensive book of advisory, as well as regulatory implementation and transactional (derivatives / investment / DCM) matters, for key global clients (including investment and retail banks, pension schemes, insurance companies, charitable trusts).

Management of a team of associates, consultants, trainees and paralegals tasked with supporting the aforementioned initiatives

08.2012 – 09.2013

Legal Advisor,

Goldman Sachs International

Regulatory / OTC Derivatives (FICC Legal)
Involvement in a number of workstreams relating to OTC derivatives trading and market reform, including:
Advising on relevant requirements under EMIR and related issues;
Implementation of jurisdictional alignment initiatives and advising on related documentation; and
Participating in industry-level working groups and discussion fora focusing in particular on key market developments, regulation and reforms.


02.2012 – 08.2012

Legal Advisor,

IBM UK Limited

Active involvement in a number of regulatory and legal initiatives led by the Legal, Compliance and Treasury teams. Specific focus on implementation of the UK Bribery Act and equivalent international regulation.

02.2012 – 08.2012

Associate (Warsaw) (2008-09); Legal Advisor (London), CMS Cameron McKenna

Legal and Commercial Department
Involvement in a range of advisory, regulatory and transactional matters for a broad range of global clients.

Education and Qualifications

Dana Coey is a qualified solicitor in England & Wales with a comprehensive educational background. She obtained a Masters Degree in Law from the Faculty of Law and Administration at Warsaw University between 2002 and 2007. This provided Dana with a solid foundation in the principles and fundamentals of law.

In 2007, Dana Coey went on to obtain a Graduate Diploma in American Law at the Levin College of Law, University of Florida, where she gained insight into the American legal system, allowing her to provide international clients with relevant legal advice.

In order to become a qualified solicitor in England & Wales, Dana Coey completed the necessary education and training at The College of Law from 2009 to 2011 and at BPP University College from 2011 to 2013. She earned her qualification as a solicitor in England & Wales in 2013.



The College of Law (2009 – 11)  BPP University College (2011-13)


Qualification as a Solicitor in England & Wales.


Levin College of Law,

University of Florida


Graduate Diploma in American Law


Faculty of Law and Administration, Warsaw University


Masters Degree – Law

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